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Richard Lett Sam Ndely Bob Chirpich
Originally from the United Kingdom, Richard met his American wife while traveling in India. Today he resides in the United States and is the leader of Cultural Group Benefits. While in the United Kingdom, Richard served for 30 years with the Metropolitan Police in London and has traveled extensively around the world.  In 2013 Richard was made a member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO) by Queen Elizabeth II.  He is committed to economic development by wanting all members of the global community residing in the United States to share in economic safety and education.  Richard can be reached at
Originally from Limbe, Cameroon, Sam migrated to the US and attended the University of Minnesota, where he earned a BA in Economics in 1985.  Sam has a long personal history with cultural associations, being a member of MINCAM, MN and is a past President of FAKO Elements Cultural Association.  He is a co-pioneer in the development of cultural group programs.  Today, Sam is the lead program representative and never tires of endlessly discussing the benefits of the cultural programs.  Sam can be reached at Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Bob is a co-pioneer in the development of Cultural Group Benefits.  Together with Sam Ndely, the idea was born to bring the organization to life.  Bob graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Bachelor of Arts in business administration.  He plays an active role in both the administration and marketing for the company. Bob can be reached at

Cultural Group Benefits has a full support staff at your service.  You can reach a member of the Administrative Support Team by emailing