Cultural communities are so much more than mere social clubs. True commitment to each other, as well as to the needs of those back home, is at the very heart and soul of a strong cultural association. Communities that do all they can to help protect the welfare of their members are likely to grow in strength and numbers.

Cultural Group Associations are legally organized non-profit associations that share a common cultural heritage, ancestry, history, homeland, language (dialect) or even ideology. Cultural Groups have long provided various means of formal and informal support to their members who are building their lives in the United States, while trying to maintain and educate future generations on the coveted traditions from their homelands.

Our mission at Cultural Group Benefits is to help strengthen Cultural Associations by providing Quality Life Insurance Programs and Benefits to serve the Cultural Communities. Today we are honored to work with over 200 Cultural Group Associations, whose members have their heritage from over a dozen different countries.

The core of our benefits begins with Group Term Life Insurance. In most societies, honoring cultural traditions at the time of death is very meaningful. Cultural Group Benefits’ Group Term Life Insurance Plan has been designed specifically for the unique needs of Cultural Associations. No longer do cultural communities need to depend on contributions to honor the life of their beloved brothers or sisters. By formally joining your Cultural Group Association, which has a group life policy with Cultural Group Benefits, you are eligible to join the Group Insurance Plan. Members join their cultural associations for a variety of reasons, and most groups have several goals. This plan gives members one more solid reason for joining or continuing membership.

Cultural associations throughout the United States can now provide guaranteed issue life insurance for the final expense funds desired at the passing of a member. Group life insurance that is there at the time of need is one more way to help a community achieve solidarity and a highly energized membership.

The Term Life Insurance Plan is guaranteed issue for all current members who apply for coverage on the original Cultural Association issue date. Members who might have heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol, overweight conditions or other health problems all will be covered. This group life insurance plan was designed specifically and only for cultural communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LeClair Group, and what role do they play?

LeClair Group is the third party administrator who processes the billing for the Cultural Group Benefit Group Life program. They are located in Minnesota, and have a long standing solid relationship with the founders of Cultural Group Benefits.

Do I need to be a U.S. Citizen to participate in the Cultural Group Benefits programs?

Whether or not you are a US citizen or permanent resident matters only for certain programs that we offer.

    • For example, anyone can participate in the International Medical Plans. This includes US citizens traveling abroad, or people from other countries traveling to the United States. All you need is a valid passport from any country.
      • For the Group Term Life Insurance Plan, all members must be US citizens or permanent residents with a social security number.

Does Cultural Group Benefits operate throughout the United States?

Cultural Group Benefits is headquartered in Minnesota, and operates in most of the 50 states.  

For up to-date information please email or call to find out if your state is approved to have coverage. Phone (651)287-3248 or e-mail info@culturalgroupbenefits.com