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Sam Ndley

One of the things Sam Ndely enjoys most about his work with cultural associations are the joyous celebrations of the thousands of community immigrants- like himself – gather together to eat, dance, and sing in harmony.

Originally from Limbe, Cameroon, Sam migrated like so many others to the United States in 1978. Sam earned is BA in Economics from the University of Minnesota in 1985. His success from the University of Minnesota has led to 23 successful years in the insurance industry.

While celebrating his successful endeavors here in the United States, there is a different celebration that was always more difficult for Sam, when a member of the cultural association passes away.

“People kept approaching me when a family member passed, questioning how we would return their remains to Africa,” said Sam, partner of Cultural Group Benefits. “That is an important part of our culture. When someone dies in the Cameroon community, death doesn’t belong to the family, it belongs to the entire community. But it also strained the community when we were constantly asking for money to send out loved one home.”

Currently, Sam is a member of MINCAM and the former President of FAKO Elements Cultural Association, and most importantly a proud father. As a leader and a father figure, Sam has prepared thousands of individuals for life’s next steps.

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Sam Ndley

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